WABCO showcases suspension

WABCO Holdings Inc. is showcasing the North American version of its electronically controlled air suspension technology at the 2012 Mid-America Trucking Show.

The ECAS technology reduces fuel costs for trucks and buses while helping to make vehicles more efficient and environmentally friendly, the company said.

The technology maximizes traction of 6×2 trucks while minimizing tire wear. It also saves fuel by lowering the vehicle’s chassis and lifting axles, which helps reduce the vehicle’s aerodynamic and rolling resistance. Fleets can specify 6×2 trucks, instead of more expensive and heavier 6×4 trucks, leading to further fuel savings, the company said.

The system increases vehicle safety by maintaining the vehicle level (parallel to the surface of the road) at a pre-set level, the company said. This helps protect the load and stabilizes vehicle operation. ECAS offers axle load monitoring, a memory function that returns the vehicle to its original level after loading or unloading, and a hand-held remote control that allows drivers to adjust the vehicle’s height while inside or outside the cab.

The company also announced an agreement with an unidentified major vehicle manufacturer to provide air compressor manufacturing in Charleston, S.C. The company described the compressors as twin-cylinder units. WABCO supplies compressors for installation on Cummins engines.