The right attire

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Updated Jun 27, 2014

I’ve been working really hard these past few weeks to set aside more time to exercise, and sometimes I have to fit it in between work and church, or other activities. I keep a few basic things in my car (or in my closet at home) at the ready so I don’t have to go searching every time I get five minutes to exercise.

Since many of you are gone for weeks at a time, I’d recommend always keeping your equipment in your cab, unless you’re taking it out to wash or disinfect it. You don’t want to risk leaving anything at home while you’re on the road. For the next few weeks, I’ll feature tips for items ranging from clothing to dumbbells to portable exercise equipment. First up: workout clothes.

Workout clothes

• I know it’s easier to sneak in five minutes of walking when you don’t have to change out of your jeans, but you really need to keep your driving clothes free of workout sweat.
• Keep more than one set around for those long hauls so that you don’t keep putting on the same soiled outfits.
• Invest in socks, undergarments, shoes, etc., that are “breathable.” They’re worth it; trust me.