Overdrive Fuel Tips: Monitor tires to save money

Updated Nov 9, 2012

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25. Use tires with low rolling resistance.
Deeper lug tires usually last longer, but the extended tread’s very slight movement is enough to decrease fuel economy. Shallower lugs decrease rolling resistance and give improved fuel economy.

26. Run wide-based tires.
They have been proven to deliver better fuel economy than duals.

27. Monitor tire pressure.
Each 10 psi of underinflation reduces fuel economy by 1 percent. Check pressure during pretrip. Tire pressure monitoring systems can monitor the pressure of each tire and, through wireless communications, provide instant alerts through a display in the cab the instant a tire is underinflated.

28. Check wheel alignment.
Make alignment testing – both on the tractor and trailer – part of your periodic maintenance. It’s essential for optimum fuel economy and maximum tire life.

29. Match tires well to your application.
If you’re running long-haul and using tires designed for any other application, your fuel economy will suffer.