Goodyear now available at Love’s

Premium Goodyear Fuel Max truck tires – including the G399 LHS Fuel Max steer tire, G572 LHD Fuel Max drive tire and the G316 LHT Fuel Max trailer tire, as well as the G316 LHT DuraSeal + Fuel Max trailer tire – are now available at 178 Love’s truck tire care centers nationwide.

The G399 LHS Fuel Max, G572 LHD Fuel Max and G316 LHT Fuel Max tires contain Goodyear’s Fuel Max Technology, which incorporates cool-running compounds and tread design technology to help reduce rolling resistance and improve tread life.

The G316 LHT DuraSeal + Fuel Max trailer tire also features Goodyear’s DuraSeal Technology, which seals nail-hole punctures of up to 1Ž4-inch in diameter in the tire’s repairable area.