Volvo halts natural gas due to market demands

Updated Oct 3, 2014

Volvo VNL w D13-DME 2Volvo announced this week it is placing on hold its plans to launch a compression-ignited liquefied natural gas engine in North America, saying it is adapting its plans to the pace of the alt fuel market in the U.S. and Canada.

The company will continue field testing of its dimethyl ether (DME) engines — which it unveiled last year — and it will continue to offer spark-ignited natural gas engines in its VNM and VNL models, it says.

“Development of the natural gas infrastructure to support long-haul trucking has been modest over the last year, and the needs of customers in the primary markets for natural gas vehicles – regional haul and dedicated routes – are being met with the company’s current natural gas lineup,” Volvo said in its announcement.

Cummins also announced this year it would be halting production of its 15-liter natural gas engine, in light of market uncertainty, the company said.