Women in Trucking seeking female drivers for Image Team

witlogoWomen in Trucking (WIT) is seeking qualified female drivers to become a part of their Image Team, the group announced last week. The WIT Image Team will represent the goals of WIT while bringing awareness of the need for more women in the trucking industry and the obstacles that women face, WIT says.

WIT says ideal candidates will be articulate, safety-conscious drivers who would be able to perform the following duties:

* Talk positively and honestly about what they know

* Attend at least one major truck show per year (this requirement is flexible)

* Write articles from a driver’s point of view about Women in Trucking

* Be available for media interviews

* Attend conference calls or webinars as needed

* Position on Image Team can be held up to 2 years (consideration given for extension upon re-application)

* Mentor new Image Team members

In order to be eligible, drivers must have an outstanding safety record, be able to speak convincingly about their commitment to safety and represent the trucking industry in a positive light through their appearances and must have been a member of WIT for at least one year. Additional requirements can be found on WIT’s website.

In order to begin the application process, the female driver’s company must complete and return the 2015 Image Application no later than January 31, 2015. The application can be found here. The top ten qualifying applicants will participate in a selection interview in February, 2015 via conference telephone call. Image Team training will begin for new members in March 2015.

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