Dashcam Central: Overdrive Magazine presents Who’s the real danger?

Updated Apr 13, 2015
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Overdrive “George & Wendy Show” blogger Wendy Parker had this to say about her husband George Parker’s video work here: “It’s sad that we have to be so paranoid to run cameras at all, and the two we have aren’t even enough. We really need side-mounted cameras to truly cover our ass, both proverbially and literally. George did a video with just a very few of the files he has saved, and while the video is compelling, it could be argued that he should have been either here or there in every frame without being able to see what’s happening to the direct right and left flank of the truck. You can’t see the idiot in the Prius on the left-hand side, and neither can he, but he’s been watching his mirrors long enough to know the little bastard is back there, hanging in the hammer lane, refusing to let him over so he can get out of the way of someone who doesn’t understand the concept of ‘merging.’ Fiction can be scary, but real life terrifies me more sometimes. Be safe out there.”

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