Science doesn’t lie

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We’ve spent the past week bopping around Texas, and during our travels on the 75 mph highways, I’ve come to an astounding realization about the diptards who think it’s a good idea to govern all commercial vehicles at 62 mph. Apparently, none of them understand basic science, and I’d bet my eye teeth that not one of them has ever been on the the Texas 130 in a truck that putts along at a full 20 miles an hour slower than the other vehicles using the road. It’s possibly the most terrifying thing on earth to watch the four-wheelers careen around them. I can’t imagine anything more dangerous than an 80,000-lb. metal box basically sitting still while a Prius doing 85 runs up underneath it. Am I the only one who sees this?

I propose that all the people who think it’s a good idea to further castrate the beauty of the big diesel engine should have to drive a governed truck in full-on bumper-to-bumper  rush-hour traffic around Atlanta on 285, where the median speed is “balls to the wall.” Better yet, I vote they have to do it every day, for a month. I guarantee some minds would be changed real quick-like. Also, I’m fairly certain they’d be curled up in the bunk in the fetal position by the end of the second day.

The same people need to take some basic science classes. I had an Earth Science teacher in 8th grade, Mrs. Hood, who unknowingly taught me the very principals of life in general in that class. I hated her at the time, she was the hardest, meanest teacher I had ever had, but looking back, I’m so thankful for Mrs. Hood.

lava editMrs. Hood taught us about the crust of the Earth, and how the pressure from outside forces, such as gravity, cause it to squish together until it finally breaks and hot lava spills out, destroying everything in the path of it and creating a virtual wasteland that takes many years to be habitable again.

This principal can be applied to almost any situation you encounter in life. Let’s use the trucking industry, for example. The industry is the Earth’s crust, it covers the entire world and makes it possible for life to inhabit it. The gubmint is the outside force that keeps squeezing and choking the crust, until it breaks. When it finally does break (and the truckers have had enough), the crust will be barren (because it’s been burned so badly there’s no one to supply it the nourishment it needs), and it will take many years to make it (the industry) a habitable place again.

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Scientific principal dictates, if you continue to pressurize an object, it will eventually blow up and either burn the doody out of you or die. Or both. This industry can’t abide more rules and regulations that are contradictory and based on some mysterious “data” from god-only-knows-where. The lava is bubbling, just below the surface, and it won’t be much longer before it blows.

I suggest the eggheads in Washington take note, because they’re going to feel awful silly when all their “safety” measures cause the crust to be barren. It’s coming. Mrs. Hood was absolutely right when she said, “Science doesn’t lie.”

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