New online driver-carrier matching service

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The Hickory, N.C.-based Blue Bloodhound company has introduced a new online, mobile-optimized platform to help connect carriers and drivers.

Blue Bloodhound has begun offering its service in areas around Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Ind.; and Louisville, Ky. Drivers and motor carriers throughout the U.S. also have access to and are encouraged to sign up with the service and create individual profiles.

Blue Bloodhound claims to empower CDL drivers by “letting them operate as fully independent contractors” in their relationship to an employing motor carrier. The company says such a relationship offers company drivers without equipment the ability to experience â€śthe freedom and flexibility previously reserved for owner-operators.” (For more about the “transportation agent” model, discussed relative to how it has been used in the past for owner-operators, visit this link.)

Blue Bloodhound’s smartphone and web application “simplifies the traditional and often difficult application process by allowing drivers to create a Driver Qualification file as an independent contractor, enabling motor carriers to verify qualified drivers and determine availability in minutes.”

Find more information about the company at their website.

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