Things that would make me leave the truck for 400, Alex

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jeopardy-alex-trebekI read a lot of trucking news. I mean, it’s kind of my thing. I open the browser in the morning, and an entire day’s worth of trucking hits me in the face. I spend time reading about the good deeds drivers do, I read about the next round of ridiculous laws, and of course I read about the fiery crashes the media is so fond of putting on blast.

I look at these wrecks, and I wonder just how many of the survivors go on to get back in a truck and drive again.

Here’s the deal: If George and I were sailing along in traffic, minding our own business and suddenly fell off the side of a bridge into pitch black Louisiana swamp water and survived, Jesus Christ himself couldn’t talk me into getting back into a truck, ever.

Another scenario that would definitely give me pause is the rebuilt cab for sale in the truck paper that was struck by lightning three times. Uh, no thank you, Powder. I’d rather not see what “off the grid” really means.

Also, an infestation of spider or snake of any kind would disqualify my presence, ever again.

I’m just amazed by people who get back on the horse and ride. I’d have to say I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t.

I’d like to hear from readers who have experienced it. What was your wreck like, and why in the holy hell did you get back in a truck?

Consider me rapt, and listening with a cup of coffee in front of me at the counter of knowledge. Ready, set, go…