Notes on having a Good Friday

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Today is Good Friday on the Christian calendar, and whether or not you participate in the belief system, it’s a good day to just have a good day. You don’t have to be a Christian to have a Good Friday, and even though the broadcast news has a habit of airing mostly bad news, there’s plenty of good news happening, too.

(Side note: When Googling “good news,” always remember to make sure you haven’t typo-ed the “g” out and hit an auto-corrected “odd news” in your search. I was mortified to think “Oregon voters could decide to toss Constitutional ban on duels” might be good news, until I realized my mistake.)

Good trucking news is is getting some much-needed help in raising awareness, and donations, for their cause. Several Facebook groups have recently come together to promote TFM, and they will be the chosen charity recipient of proceeds earned in their name at the Take Pride Truck Show in Brookville, Ohio, June 9-10 of this year. Tony Justice will be headlining the Saturday night wrap-up party, with Bill Weaver opening. Musical guests Paul Marhoefer and the band TRUK will also be performing Friday night. Music, beautiful working trucks and family-oriented fun promise a weekend of fellowship and fund-raising for the organization.

More good news is a South Dakota man was fined $190 for not having his snake on a leash. Wait. No. Wrong page again, although I’m sure there is more than one person who, like myself, feels much safer in South Dakota now, knowing there will be no marauding pet snakes in the public parks.

So, this really happened.So, this really happened.

I was going to go on and share further good news in the form of private charities being funded more from personal donations than ever before, but I think the snake thing kind of caps off the general vibe of the post. Good news can be found everywhere, if you’re looking for it. I’ll further that thought by saying good news abounds and good people generally attract the same kind of good people and a lot of those people exist in the trucking industry, and they are willing to come together to help one another.

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So, whether or not you’re inclined to have a Good Friday for religious purposes, or just general purposes, we wish you the best Friday you can have. Now go out there and keep your snakes on a leash! Wait… no…

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