Overdrive announces winner of 2017 Most Beautiful contest

Updated Apr 15, 2017

Stephanie Klang 3 2017 03 23 17 24Stephanie Klang of Fidelity, Missouri, has been named winner of the 2017 Overdrive’s Most Beautiful contest. She will be presented at The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Aug. 24-26.

Klang and Fred, her 17-year-old cat, travel the country for CFI. The America’s Road Team Captain, who served a 2013-2014 term, has been trucking for 37 years. Her early days were spent driving team, but she’s been solo for nearly 30 years and 3 million miles with CFI.

She is known for her professional driving skills but also for her sense of humor and way of making people feel comfortable. “I’ve learned over the years that a lot of drivers look and act angry. I tell them, ‘Sweet pea, if you don’t like your life, change it.’ I say it with a laugh and usually, I can get them to lighten up,” Klang says.

Klang had a hardscrabble life growing up and was determined to find a career through which she could become financially secure. “Once you can take care of yourself financially, that’s the true definition of independence for women. It’s my whole world and I make the most of it,” she says.

Of being named the 2017 Overdrive’s Most Beautiful winner, Klang says, “I am humble, grateful and hope to be a worthy representative for all women who drive.”