Ode to the mothers

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I’ve always been blessed in my life with an abundance of strong women who are good examples. My mother, aunts and grandmothers from both sides are extremely strong and capable women who have all had seriously difficult things to overcome in life, and have done so with grace. I can only hope to be half the woman they’ve shown me how to be, and I am so grateful for each and every one of them.

Aunt Nanci, me and MommaAunt Nanci, me and Momma

A mother doesn’t have to be a biological occurrence. Oftentimes chosen family have stronger ties than blood relatives. I’m also blessed to have great examples of strong women in my chosen family, and as I sit and write this, I think of so many people I am, again, grateful for.

I’m spoiled with the opportunity to acknowledge and thank these people in a public forum, and I realize not everyone will have a chance to talk to their mom this weekend, so I’m going to share the love and give a deep thanks to all the moms out there – especially the trucking family moms, who are the support and backbone of so many small business trucking operations. Being the CEO of a family and a business ain’t easy, and it’s important you know you’re appreciated. Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day!