AeroFlow launches referral program that gives drivers $75 toward apnea testing and treatment

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Drivers who refer other truck operators to AeroFlow, a national supplier of at-home obstructive sleep apnea tests and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, can receive up to $50 toward testing and treatment as part of a new program, dubbed AeroDough, launched at the Great American Trucking Show, ongoing this week.

What’s more, drivers who are referred to AeroDough by a fellow driver and receive testing and treatment from the company can receive $25 off their test and another $50 off their treatment.

AeroFlow’s at-home tests, which are mailed to buyers via fast shipping options, cost $250 — much cheaper than the average $1,350 cost of an in-lab test.

Michael Trufant, industrial manager for AeroFlow, says the tests provide the same results as an in-lab test, and that medical examiners accept the results the same as they would an in-lab test.

As part of the AeroDough program, drivers can provide referral codes to other drivers. If those referral codes are used to order a test, they’ll receive $25 off a test of their own. If the referred driver receives treatment, they’ll receive another $25.

The tests use a finger sensor, a chest recorder and a small tube placed in their nose. It should be conducted over one to three nights, says Trufant. As opposed to in-lab tests, AeroFlow’s by-mail test allows drivers to take their test more quickly, to stay well within any 30- or 90-day temporary medical cards contingent on an apnea test.

More details about the program can be found on the company’s website.

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