Amid driver shootings, SBTC group promotes Sept. 5 as ‘Day without a trucker’

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Former small-broker advocate James Lamb, now of the more broad-based Small Business in Transportation Coalition, is promoting the day after Labor Day, Sept. 5, as a “day without a trucker” to publicize Mike’s Law, which would create a special dispensation for commercial truckers to carry firearms across state lines without fear of jurisdictional issues. Lamb has been working toward the date via his “Trucker Lives Matter” Facebook group, created last year. The group routinely shares information about crimes perpetrated against truckers across the United States.

Just this past week, two shootings took place in Cleveland, Ohio, and another in St. Louis.

Lamb notes 400 or more truckers have committed to participating in a parade through Washington, D.C., on Sept. 5 (permits and final routes appeared to be still in process as this story went to press), while his group is encouraging others sympathetic to his cause to shut down that day to send a message to lawmakers.

Further information on routes, permit process and etc. can be found via the Trucker Lives Matter Facebook group.Further information on routes, permit process and etc. can be found via the Trucker Lives Matter Facebook group.

Two of Lamb’s businesses — and — remain the target of a suit brought by the Federal Trade Commission alleging unlawfully deceptive marketing practices.

The suit, brought about a year ago, was met with Lamb’s own countersuit in March of this year, which targeted the FTC for what his businesses’ lawyer, Andrew Gordon, called a mischaracterization of the substance of the suit in pre-publication press releases and other materials. “FTC’s publications,” Gordon said, “intentionally mischaracterize the substance of the September 29, 2016, court order, causing proximate and irreparable injury to the [Lamb and companies’] reputations and revenues.”

Lamb and company planned to take the case to trial as early as October this year.