Giving a little trucker love back to Texas

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Houston Loaded Up For Texas Flood Relief 2017 09 15 08 50

“What a bittersweet trip to the Gulf Coast. Delivered the donated hay to Orange, Texas. The last five miles put tears in my eyes. Seeing the water line on people’s home two feet from the foundation, the worst part is seeing people’s lives piled alongside the road. The uplifting part was the thank-you I got from local residents for helping. The very people that lost everything are smiling and helping their neighbors. Proud to be an American. It really ticked me off hearing the way trucking companies are gouging the folks that donate goods to help out — example: a company wanted to charge a farmer in Tyler, Texas $1,200 to bring a load of hay 200 miles. Saddens me. Y’all have a blessed day. If you wanna help, find a local charity and donate to them, not one of the mega charities, just saying.” –Jerry Novack

Houston Harvey 2017 09 15 08 50Our buddy, Jerry Novack, representing Evans Cattle Company/DJ Hauling out of New Carlilse, Ohio, recently participated in much-needed efforts to alleviate hay shortages for farmers and cattlemen in Southeastern Texas, who were affected by flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

Cameron Guill, of Guill Farms, and other Livingston County, Ky., farmers collected 15 loads of hay, both rolled and small bales, and sent out a need for drivers to deliver them on social media. And the call was answered.

Jerry is one of many drivers, from all over the country, who are helping out in the areas that most need it. His delivery to the collection and distribution point in Texas, Cowboy Church of Orange County, helped feed hungry livestock – and soothe some of the worries of people who, as he witnessed firsthand, have lost everything.

Houston Orange County Cowboy Church 2017 09 15 08 50“It’s one thing to see it on TV,” says Jerry, “but when you actually drive through it and see the destruction, you can’t want to do anything but help them, any way you can.”

That’s why Jerry’s jammin’ her home today, taking some family time for Friday night and Saturday morning hometown high school football, and then he’s spending the rest of the weekend gathering more hay, donated by generous people who responded to yet another social media call for help.

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“By the magic of social media, we had a full load of hay and feed within four hours,” he says. “We just have to gather it and get it in a cattle pot – it’s heading to Texas.”

That’s trucking, y’all. Deepest appreciation to those doing what they can do to help out – this isn’t just the way Americans are supposed to act, it’s the way human beings are supposed to act, and it’s uplifting and humbling to do a story about it.

Thank you all. Be safe out there.

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