TruckersEdge load board updated

DAT Solutions announced significant upgrades to DAT TruckersEdge, the company’s popular load board for independent owner-operators and small fleets. The changes and new features are geared toward speeding up owner-op users’ searches and negotiations.

The updates come at a time of unprecedented freight demand. More than 161 million loads were posted on DAT load boards in 2017, and freight volume during February 2018 was among the highest reported during the month in 20 years.

The new TruckersEdge incorporates the latest search technologies used by the leading web browsers, with auto-populated fields personalized to fit any user’s needs. Dispatchers and drivers can also save time by identifying favorite searches, setting alarms for automatic notification when a new load matches preferences, and sorting search results with one click. They can even sort search results by the offer rate posted by the freight broker.

A new dashboard also gives users a real-time view of inbound and outbound load volume in every state, so they can see where their equipment is most in demand, plus a feed of trending trucking industry news. The updates follow the addition of DAT TruckersEdge Pro, which includes average spot market rates based on actual transactions from the past 15 days, plus DAT TriHaul, a routing tool that suggests better-paying round trips based on the lane searched.