New service to connect overdimensional haulers with pilot car operators

The Truckers Brotherhood community of specialized transport providers announced the impending release of its PilotBOSS application, the first in what the community says will be a series of innovative solutions catering to the demands of the specialized transport industry. PilotBOSS will soon be available on Android and iOS devices as well as via a web interface, and was designed to give pilot car providers and their staffs everything necessary to run day-to-day operations, from job tender to delivery. It comes complete with easy web and mobile capacity matching, flexible billing options, transparent pricing, real-time tracking and confirmations, up-to-the-minute ETAs, a peer to peer ratings system and a feature-rich API.

Read more about the Truckers Brotherhood community and the forthcoming PilotBOSS app via this link.Read more about the Truckers Brotherhood community and the forthcoming PilotBOSS app via this link.

PilotBOSS is also the world’s first on-demand matching software designed to connect carriers who need them with pilot car service providers, the company says, bringing the process of finding, securing, dispatching, tracking and invoicing jobs into a single, simple-to-use platform. It also enables users to track routed miles and detention times, generate invoices and allow for adjustments with those “unforeseen reimbursements.”

It can assist users in acquiring appropriate documentation for payment, and provides for credit card or C.O.D billing at delivery.

More than a mobile app, the company says, PilotBOSS should be considered an “all in one dispatch management system,” particularly for pilot-car providers. The platform also “remedies a long-standing need for seamless integrations between specialized transport service providers,” the company says.

Truckers Brotherhood founder and former heavy hauler and fleet owner Tim Scott adds that the solution got its start “out of a personal need to manage business,” he says. “Nothing truly existed for the oversize/overweight market. I saw a need and set out to fill that need.” Scott made it his mission to push innovation and develop technologies from the carriers’ perspective. “It’s inevitable that technology will change how we do business.”

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ProMiles Software Development Corporation (PSDC), based in Bridge City, Texas, makers of the ProMiles XF Mileage Guide, ProMiles Fuel Tax, ProMiles Fuel Management, TruckMiles and more, aligned with the Truckers Brotherhood recently, the company says, to combine expertise with the mission of delivering the future of specialized freight management. ProMiles seeks routinely to provide the best, most accurate, most-up-to-date mapping, mileage, and routing data to all sectors of the trucking industry using multiple delivery methods and multiple partners, engaging outside providers to create new products and services to solve trucking industry problems.

“To date, no individual portal exists to integrate all of the personal and professional tools needed to meet the specialized trucking industry’s unique needs in a modern, ‘smartphone’ friendly portal,” noted ProMiles Govnerment Affairs Vice President Mike Webb.  “The technologies that Tim has created bring us full circle on initiatives that have been on our radar for 10-plus years.”

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