Federal heavy vehicle tax filings due Aug. 31

The Internal Revenue Service issued a reminder this week that Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax filings are due at the end of next month. The Form 2290 must be filed by August 31.

The highway use tax applies to vehicles with a gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. The tax is based on the weight of the vehicle and “a variety of special rules apply,” the agency said in a press release, which are explained in the Form 2290.

The IRS encourages truckers to use the e-file Form 2290, rather than the paper copy, though the paper copy will suffice for the annual filing. A list of e-file providers is available at this link.

“There is no need to visit an IRS office because the form can be filed and any required tax payment can be made online,” the IRS said in its press release. “Generally, e-filers receive their IRS-stamped Schedule 1 electronically minutes after filing. They can then print the Schedule 1 and provide it to their state department of motor vehicles, without visiting an IRS office.”

Appointments for assistance with the form can be made with the IRS Taxpayer Assistance center by calling 844-545-5640. A list of local taxpayer assistance centers is also available at this link.

For more information about the highway use tax, visit IRS.gov/truckers.