Volvo Group invests in wireless battery charging

Ever imagine the ability to fuel up while running down the road? If wireless charging eventually becomes viable, electric-drive trucks operating on high-capacity battery power of the (some say near) future may be able to do just that.

Volvo Group’s Venture Capital AB subsidiary announced an investment in Momentum Dynamics, Inc., which it describes as a “leading company in high power wireless charging of electric vehicles.”

Philadelphia-based Momentum Dynamics is developing and commercializing high-power inductive charging for the automotive and transportation industries, especially suitable for commercial electric, autonomous and connected vehicles.

“Momentum Dynamics’ technology and competence,” noted Volvo Group’s Venture Capital VP Per Adamsson, “within inductive bi-directional transmission of electrical energy and information safely through air, water and ice will fit the harsh conditions under which our customers operate.” Adamsson envisions “high capacity charging up to 300 kW for trucks, buses, construction equipment, industrial and marine applications” as supportive of a transition away from diesel and other fossil fuels to more electrified powertrains.

Wireless electric charging allows any type of vehicle to automatically and without supervision connect to the electrical power grid without the use of wires or cables. Without the need for a driver to plug in their vehicle to a charging station, such automated “electric fueling” may occur frequently and opportunistically – resulting in efficient use of battery capacity, longer driving ranges and improved uptime.

Momentum Dynamics is conducting pilots in Europe and North America with both fleets and vehicle manufacturers of cars, buses, trucks and trains. The transaction, Volvo Group reports, has no significant impact on the company’s earnings or financial position.