NACFE looking for owner-operators to participate in fuel economy study


The North American Council for Freight Efficiency is accepting applications from fleets and owner-operators for its Run on Less Regional which will get underway this October.

In 2017, Run on Less demonstrated in a cross-country long-haul trip that it could get fuel economy up to 10.1 MPG through aero-enhanced features that minimize drag. However, the regional test won’t be as easy since aero plays less of a role in regional trucks given their shorter runs and increased stop and go use.

“By saying we’re doing regional, we’re not making it easier on ourselves, but we think the industry can really benefit from it,” NACFE Executive Director Mike Roeth said this weekend at the 2019 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) meeting in Atlanta, Ga.

Some of those fuel-saving benefits in Run on Less Regional may come from taking a closer look at acceleration patterns, particularly from a dead-stop.

Run on Less Regional will focus on trucks that operate within 300 miles of their base. Ideally, participating fleets will come from different parts of the country.

“We are looking for fleets operating a wide variety of regional haul applications and duty cycles but we are also committed to high MPG,” said Dave Schaller, NACFE’s Industry Engagement Manager.

Those interested in participating should go to to fill out an application.