One for the little guy

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

From the blog of Bruce Smith, editor of Overdrive sister magazine Custom Rigs, Wednesday came this piece about the Bow, New Hamphire, Berube’s Truck Accessories 6th Annual BBQ and Truck Show-Off, upcoming June 28, 2009. “They tell their customers to leave their wallets in their pockets,” Smith writes, “and the trailers parked at home. Just bring your tractor, the family, and a good appetite.”

The Berube’s shop shuts down for the day, and the focus is on fun at this event, which began in 2003. And, Smith adds, its shows like these that led to the mammoth truck beauty contests you see today at Mid-America in Louisville, the Great American show in Dallas, and other big events.

In other show news, Wisconsin owner-operator Paul Sagehorn tells me he’s finished the ongoing restoration of the B.J. amp; the Bear trailer that completes his combo unit, the trailer pictured here pre-restoration (he’s the owner of both a tractor and trailer used in the original TV series back in the late 1970s/early 1980s; I last wrote about him here). He’ll be showing off the rig in Concord, N.C., later this month at the Carnival of Thrills Stunt Show in Concord Motorsports Park in Concord, N.C., which is focused on TV-infamous vehicles (note that its name is taken from a fictitious show that came to Hazzard County in the old Dukes show).