Urine disposal, or ‘P bottle’ redux

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Updated Dec 14, 2009
Trucker Fernando Rimando puts a cap on an ongoing back-and-forth on the Truckers News letters page we noted in this post from March, about proper disposal of bottles of urine at truckstops. Rimando’s e-mail to the office spells his process out in detail, and came with this quite illustrative picture.

I read a lot of articles regarding pee bottles, and while all of them are against it I never read anything giving a solution to the problem. I don’t condone the acts of indescretion, like leaving them at truckstops, on ramps, in trash cans or anywhere the culprits parked. I am one of the drivers using pee bottles because I am too lazy to get out of the bunk, put my clothes and shoes on and walk outside just to take a pee. Attached is a picture of an empty orange juice bottle (59-oz. size), an empty Ensure bottle and a bag to fit both bottles. It takes a full 10-11 hours in the bunk for me to fill the orange bottle. The ensure bottle is where I put about 1/2 oz. of Clorox and fill it with water. I make it a point to empty the bottle in the rest room when my co-driver and I switch driving. After I empty the bottle I pour about 1 oz of the clorox/water mix in it and rinse it out. This way the stench is eliminated. The bottle is then ready to be re-used. I also have a bottle of hand sanitizer in the bunk to clean my hands after I relieve myself. Hopefully this will help solve the plaguing problem of pee bottles. –Fernando Rimando

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