J.B. Hunt driver John Coster-Mullen on film

Updated Dec 14, 2009

Since I wrote about the J.B. Hunt driver whose book Atom Bombs essentially reverse-engineered the first atomic bombs in the May edition of Truckers News and in this space here, John Coster-Mullen has made some strides getting the book out to the scientific community, and the bombs’ designs thus in the historical record. Featured in the final section of the 16-minute documentary below, which just went live at online TV network VBS.tv, is his talk to students at the Enrico Fermi Insitute of the University of Chicago, which he was getting ready for when we met and talked in February. Give it a look.

script src=”http://www.vbs.tv/vbs_player.js?ec=FzZ3JuOgNY89xldYqmjGeHZt9gZjH9fJamp;st=MOTHERBOARDamp;pl=http://www.vbs.tv/watch/motherboard/the-atomic-trucker” type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″/script

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