A salute from Good magazine

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

With the first of the month came this post to the website of Good magazine — a charitable magazine about “good” things, generally (they match subscription prices with a contribution to the charity of your choice) — about photographerrtist John Bakos‘ series of truckstop portraits (one is pictured here) taken mostly in the Northeast. It’s a small paean to the truck drivers of America from and to the general public. As the folks at Good put it: “While ground shipping is indeed a cornerstone of American industry, it’s a slice of life that, for many of us, is witnessed only in the passing periphery of highway travel.”

Take a look at some of the photos in Bakos’ simply named “Truck Drivers” series at Good or view a sampling at Bakos’ site here.

Via Truckers News magazine, too, you can access the Flickr photo group The Photographer, where nearly 100 photo enthusiasts among our nation’s haulers share their own shots from the road. Join and share your own.

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