What do stimulus money and beef jerky have in common?

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

We’re not exactly sure of the answer to this pressing question here on the Channel 19 blog (other than, perhaps, that both come with a large dose of time in the preparation), but here’s what prompts it: I blogged last December about a Colorado program to provide haulers stranded in the state’s mountain passes in winter with emergency rations to help them ride out the cold waits. The rations included such food items as beef jerky and Oreos. That post is here.

The Associated Press, then, just last week wrote about $2 million of Colorado DOT stimulus funds apparently going toward a program to “ease the wait” for truckers stranded on Colorado roads in winter. AP summarized the projects associated with the money as including “electronic signs, closed-circuit cameras and communications systems,” but might well we assume that beef jerky is part and parcel, too. Contacting help and getting information is important in an emergency winter situation, for certain, but food is a pretty big deal too, eh?

In any case, getting prepped for winter is important for any northern or mountain hauler. Check out Max Kvidera’s October 2008 Truckers News story on the subject for tips.

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