Trucker appreciation at Johnson’s Corner Truckstop

Updated Dec 14, 2009

Apologies to haulers who passed through Denver yesterday for not catching this earlier — I was undoubtedly distracted by other things on my computer. In any case, the Loveland, Colo., truckstop Johnson’s Corner celebrated their driver-appreciation day by offering various entertainment through the day and, most significantly, doling out free dogs, burgers and soft drinks to commercial drivers stopping in. Big deal, you say? Here’s the rub: if you don’t know it already, Johnson’s Corner is known for good food; we featured them on the blog last year when their cinnamon rolls were featured on the “Splendid Table” public radio program. They were featured yesterday morning in the following segment on Denver Channel 9 news. Here’s the link to the story if the vid isn’t working here.

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