Bridges and trucks colliding, around the world

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

This scene at this link might take the prize for most bizarre of truck accidents, at least those photographed for posterity. Thankfully, looks like the driver was rescued. It’s a scene on a Brazilian bridge sent my way from photographer Igor Alecsander (he didn’t take the accident pictures), whose acquaintance I made while researching part of Truckers News December feature on “Trucking Around the Globe,” now available key=” page=”here. (For more-close-to-home news about those times “When Trucks and Bridges Collide,” check out my Exit Only column in the issue, an update of this post, which you may recall from October.)

Perusing the photo work at Alecsander’s main website, I couldn’t help but notice that, yes, long-haul tractors from across South America appeared in stunning fashion throughout. Turns out, Alecsander’s a Brazilian native in his 20s who, he says, “always wanted to get a big truck and go hauling, but for reasons of destiny the opportunity did not arise.” He got other road experience on his own as a photographer. In addition to the truckstop scene pictured below, shot in the Atacama desert in the north of Chile, his work is showcased extensively in a Flickr gallery here and in various galleries at his main site.