Just another day in the cab

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

Next time you’re moved to complain about the hardships of being a truck driver, think about the lot (pardon the pun) of the guy who impounds and repossesses cars for a living. AOL Autos talked (anonymously) to one such guy for this article. Once “>Dan” ran afoul of some guys who didn’t want their cars towed

“I was trying to tell everyone to not worry about it and go home, but when I wasn’t looking I got a baseball bat to my face. … At first I was in a little bit of a shock because my teeth were busted out, but then I think the adrenaline kind of kicked in and they obviously realized they had made a mistake and ran into an apartment.” Dan then pinned their car in with his tow truck so they couldn’t leave and waited for the police to show up.