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Updated Dec 14, 2009

strongIdeal mate/strong
/strong“I’ll admit it: I like a guy who drives a big ____.” — Cathy Day, a University of Pittsburgh assistant English professor, writing in her memoir, “Comeback Season: How I Learned to Play the Game of Love,” Free Press, 2008. If you guessed “tank,” you guessed wrong. Guys, reports suggest she’s still single.

strongRoad rage /strong
“>My major problem with ______ is when they get too close up on you, and they jump in front of you without giving signals and they weave back and forth all the time.” –St. Louis resident Mark Charles, in a report via the city’s Fox affiliate. If you guessed “four-wheelers,” you guessed wrong. The report detailed Missouri’s plan to ban trucks from the left lane on most of its major highways, which went into effect today. Keep an eye out for enforcement, as the Fox reported noted, “>Troopers have already been enforcing similar ‘left lane laws’ that went into effect in January on stretches of Interstates 70 and 55 in St. Charles and Jefferson Counties for trucks weighing more than 12 tons. . . .”

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