Frontline cameo

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

Specialized auto hauler Reliable Carriers makes a cameo appearance this week in PBS Frontline’s two-hour “>Heat” documentary — airing this week, on most stations this past Tuesday, and you can watch it online here (the segment in question is No. 7). The doc, about global warming, doesn’t mention the trucking industry directly, but a Reliable hauler is seen quite capably delivering a Chevy Volt electric-car prototype (pictured) to a test site where the Volt proceeds to give the producer all he needs to skewer the automobile industry for its technological inadequacies. Somebody apparently forgot to power the vehicle up, or worse.

The Volt in question is seen achieving at max power an extremely-slow 15 mph or so on its apparently only run that day, before it dies. I don’t know if those were just GM executives shown pushing the vehicle uphill or if the truck owner-operator was among them. In any case, Reliable OOs are known for their toughness. I hear fitting and strapping those cars in the enclosed trailers is a mighty demanding job.