Just deserts for Brit TV personality

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

UK truckers get their revenge on BBC2 talk show host Jeremy Clarkson in a new computer game, out from Glasgow-based development company T-Enterprise. Clarkson, the host of auto-news show Top Gear, caused a stir of controversy among UK truckers this week after running a tractor-trailer through a brick wall for a stunt on the show. Trucking’s a hard job, he said from the cab. “Change gear, change gear, change gear, check mirror, murder a prostitute, change gear, change gear, murder. That’s a lot of effort in a day.”

While various members of the British Parliament were calling for him to be fired, T-Enterprise was offering truckers a different soluion. Sadia Chishti, T-Enterprise’s managing director, told the London Telegraph: “>Jeremy Clarkson is a loveable rogue, but we think he’s overstepped the mark this time. So we figured we’d give truckers the chance for revenge.”

In the game, players control Clarkson as he tries to avoid oncoming cabover box trucks. Players are, of course, free to let him get smashed. “>The whole family can spend hours playing the game, running over and killing Jeremy Clarkson just for fun,” Chishti told the Telegraph. Play it below or at this site.

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