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Updated Dec 14, 2009

Musician Matt Alber, posting to his blog and the AmpedOut site, says “>LA Truckers Love Gay Marriage.” His recent post details his participation in a Los Angeles march in support of gay marriage rights and against Californians’ recent vote on Prop 8. “We came upon the 101 Freeway overpass and saw a crowd of celebrants draped over the railing,” he wrote on Sunday, “literally cheer-leading the commuters into honking for gay marriage. We made our way to the edge and a huge semi came barreling down the left lane. / ‘GET THE TRUCK!’ I yelled, my fist jerking downward in the air. ‘PULL IT! PULL IT!'”> Whereupon the crowd on the overpass, Alber wrote, then pulled the proverbial horn en masse.

“>We can see the look on the trucker’s face,” Alber wrote. “I can only imagine his amazement driving towards the sea of rainbow flags and sunburned, ecstatic faces. He waits until he’s just below us and pulls the horn as he blazes through the tunnel.” (Photo by Alber.)