The ‘Annie Leibovitz of the trucking world’

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

An obituary in the Philadelphia Daily News yesterday told the story of Bette Garber, the renowned trucking photographer who passed away last Thursday. In case you missed the two-hour memorial on Sirius last Friday, follow the above link for more. She would’ve been 66 years old yesterday.

Garber was the artist behind a vast catalog of trucking photography in magazines and other venues — typically of highly customized show trucks but also of the drivers and owner-operators who pilot them and other of the nation’s Class 8s, prompting one caller into Friday’s Sirius show to dub her the “>Annie Leibovitz of the trucking world,” the News reported (Leibovitz was famous for her celebrity portraits). Garber was also the woman responsible for the Highway Images website and several books of custom-truck photography, such as this one, in recent years.