Fun with spammers

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

“Beer Runner,” a regular poster to Truck.Net, has been having some fun with spammers. And “>no I don’t have anything better to do,” the poster wrote yesterday. All the same, the fun sounded quite fun: “Last night I got another spam asking me for all my information just so I can collect millions of dollars. Normally I delete them but since this one mentioned the Lord I just had to answer. I called [the spammer] a thief and said he should repent and look to the Lord for salvation.”

To Beer Runner’s surprise, the spammer wrote back, saying he was under no circumstances a thief and that Beer Runner would do well to comply — millions awaited. “>I told him that before we can go any further I needed his info first. I sent him a list of the things I need, and I just wonder what kind of stolen things he’ll send. I think I’ll keep playing for a bit then send it to the cops.”