Dream spills?

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

It’s no laughing matter when a truck tips onto its side, but since two February accidents in Utah saw the rigs’ drivers walk away uninjured, we couldn’t help but note the timing of the accidents — within hours and miles of each other around Salt Lake City — and the definite harmony of their spilled cargos. As reported by the Salt Lake Tribune‘s Steve Gehrke, “>red meat and beer clogged major traffic arteries Tuesday [Feb. 17], slowing the morning commute.”

The first spill happened when a driver loaded with hamburger patties hit a highway divider, which ripped opened his trailer, “>spilling hamburger over the north and southbound lanes of the interstate,” Gehrke wrote.

In snowy conditions across town scarcely two hours later, another driver lost traction, and his tractor careened onto its side, letting go of “>Fat Tire Beer being shipped from Colorado,” Gehrke wrote.

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