Worst roads redux

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

This message incoming from owner-operator Zak Hargraves, who I talked to about the problem of roads in America on the occasion of Overdrive‘s 2008 Worst Roads survey and attendant story (out this past January), which begs the quesiton: did we miss it?

“>The worst road in the U.S.?” Hargraves asks. “For sure it is I-78 in New Jersey, mile marker 1 thru 3.

“>Yes, they are ‘working on it’ and yes, it is a ‘construction zone,’ but with no work being done in the last 4 months and the repairs being done covering the entire roadway rather than a lane at a time, this section takes the prize.”

In our past conversations, Hargraves has cited poor design of concrete roadways, with horizontal expansion cuts falling into disrepair and leading to widespread hobbyhorsing when driving on them, as a marked problem in many states. Of I-78, he says, “>This is one. The repair being done consists of slotting the adjacent slabs, drilling and placing rebar ‘stitches,’ leveling the slabs with high pressure concrete and then placing asphalt over the entire repaired base. A decent system if managed and completed within reasonable time and area constraints. The speed limit has been reduced to 50 mph.

“>At 35 mph you can almost stay in your seat, if you are loaded. Empty?… I went thru at 25 mph, flashers clicking away and kept most of my gear in its place.”

All of Hargraves’ recent thoughts about roads, he says, led to an amusing exchange with a toll attendant on the eastbound side of I-78 in Pennsylvania — “>I made my comment about the road and he immediately referred to your article and was surprised that I 78 was not included.”>

As Hargraves says, “>Just not enough pages and type.” Take it under advisement for next year, eh Zak?

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