For fear of a turkey

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Updated Dec 14, 2009

On authority of the Associated Press, turkeys have turned into trucker chasers. See this report in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune about a recent incident in Jackson, Mich., in which a trucker falls just short of chicken-dancing away from three uncommonly aggressive birds outside the Tri-County International Trucks dealership and service location. As the AP reports, “>Tri-County International Trucks employee Dave Dodes told the Jackson Citizen Patriot that three of the birds scared a truck driver so much he stayed in his vehicle when he stopped at the truck service shop Friday.” Eventually, an employee created a diversion while the driver made a break for the shop’s interior, followed by the employee and, yes, the birds. “

Dodes told the AP the turkeys had been hanging around the shop a long time, and their recent behavior suggests they’ve become quite comfortable, even territorial, about the environs. “>They’re not afraid of traffic,” he told the AP, “and now they chase people around.”