‘Liberated trucker-babe’ embraces ‘inner cougar’ with new book

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Updated May 17, 2013
Click through the cover image here to download the Kindle ebook version.Click through the cover image here to download the Kindle ebook version.

Takes all kinds, life in contemporary America.

Fourteen-year hauler Xandra “Sunny” Moon recently offered up six pieces of advice for women feeling in a “midlife slump” that by turns offered avenues toward realizing the inner babe, diva and cougar, respectively. Find them here, published in Oklahoma’s Nursing Times.

The brief was part of her efforts to promote her somewhat new venture as author of a tome called “The power of the titz: A woman’s journey back to her self,” which tells Moon’s own story. Her discovery of the power within, as it were, came after motherhood and a 20-year failed marriage brought her to the man she’s spent most of the last couple decades with, Lee Abzu, and the business she’s most intimately involved in. She and Abzu drive team today.

As her website has it, “Driving semi … across the United States, together, for the last 14 years only served to enrich and deepen their love and respect for one another. Staying faithful to each other while listening to and following after the gentle spirit that guided them, their life journey took them in a totally new direction…”

Find more about her — as well as the book — here.