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Engagement on parking safety, availability in the wake of driver’s murder

Updated Nov 30, 2015

Catch last night’s discussion on Allen Smith’s Truth About Trucking Live online radio show in the archived podcast below. Smith was joined by, among others, Ashley Boeglin, widow of Michael Boeglin, the owner-operator who lost his life last month in Detroit while parked staged to deliver a load. Ashley’s working from a home base in Southern Indiana to spur on anyone with information as to the identities of her husband’s assailants to come forward, in order that the investigation continue.

David ClarkDavid Clark

Meanhile, also on the call was Ashley’s father, David Clark, also of Indiana, who has engaged with the driver community on the issue of parking safety and availability as a former trucker himself — he remembers well the parking issue from his time trucking in the 1970s, as he noted on the program. 

Other guests included Hope Rivenburg, widow of Jason Rivenburg, the driver who passed in somewhat similar parking circumstances as Boeglin when he was robbed while parked at an abandoned facility in South Carolina in lieu of better options. The “Jason’s Law” language in the 2012 MAP-21 highway bill came in no small part due to Hope’s efforts, and just what drivers can do to spur along states’ taking advantage of funding for truck parking safety and availability was part of the discussion.

Jason’s Law and the money it makes available for creating further parking alternatives for trucks at the state level competes with maintenance and upkeep of roads and bridges, Hope noted. And though Jason’s Law exists, state Departments of Transportation default to upkeep and expansion as priority issues. Making the parking safety issue a priority at state DOTs, she noted, should now be the primary concern. Find a full listing of state DOTs’ website via the Federal Highway Administration at this link.

In my mind, your state’s trucking association could be a good point of contact as well to raise the profile of the parking issue. Find a list of association contacts, also included in Overdrive‘s annually updated Partners in Business Manual, below the embedded podcast. 

Desiree Wood of Real Women in Trucking was a guest on the call as well — and shared information from the driver truck parking survey she helped Hope spearhead leading into Jason’s Law’s inclusion in the 2012 highway bill. At the bottom of this linked post, Wood has shared links to reports from that survey. 

You can hear last night’s full discussion below or via

State trucking associations: 
Alabama Trucking Association
(877) 277-8785

Alaska Trucking Association
(907) 276-1149 

Arizona Trucking Association
(602) 252-7559 

Arkansas Trucking Association
(501) 372-3462 

California Trucking Association
(916) 373-3500 

Colorado Motor Carriers Association
(303) 433-3375 

Motor Transport Association of Connecticut
(860) 520-4455 

Delaware Motor Transport Association
(302) 672-7763 

Florida Trucking Association
(850) 222-9900 

Georgia Motor Trucking Association
(770) 444-9771 

Hawaii Transportation Association
(808) 833-6628 

Idaho Trucking Association
(208) 342-3521 

Illinois Trucking Association
(630) 654-0884 

Indiana Motor Truck Association
(317) 630-4682 

Iowa Motor Truck Association
(515) 244-5193 

Kansas Motor Carriers Association
(785) 267-1641 

Kentucky Motor Transport Association
(502) 227-0848 

Louisiana Motor Transport Association
(225) 928-5682 

Maine Motor Transport Association
(207) 623-4128 

Maryland Motor Truck Association
(410) 644-4600 

Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association
(617) 695-3512 

Michigan Trucking Association
(517) 321-1951 

Minnesota Trucking Association
(651) 646-7351

Mississippi Trucking Association
(601) 354-0616 

Missouri Motor Carriers Association
(573) 634-3388 

Montana Motor Carriers Association
(406) 442-6600 

Nebraska Trucking Association
(402) 476-8504 

Nevada Motor Transport Association
(775) 673-6111 

New Hampshire Motor Transport Association
(603) 224-7337 

New Jersey Motor Truck Association
(732) 254-5000 

New Mexico Trucking Association
(505) 884-5575 

New York State Motor Truck Association
(518) 458-9696 

North Carolina Trucking Association
(919) 834-0387 

North Dakota Motor Carriers Association
(701) 223-2700 

Ohio Trucking Association
(614) 221-5375

Oklahoma Trucking Association
(405) 843-9488 

Oregon Trucking Associations
(503) 513-0005 or (888) 293-0005 

Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association
(717) 761-7122 

Rhode Island Trucking Association
(401) 729-5210 

South Carolina Trucking Association
(803) 799-4306 

South Dakota Trucking Association
(605) 334-8871 

Tennessee Trucking Association
(615) 777-2882 

Texas Motor Transportation Association
(800) 727-7135 or (800) 478-2541 

Utah Trucking Association
(801) 973-9370 

Vermont Truck & Bus Association
(802) 479-1778 

Virginia Trucking Association
(804) 355-5371 

Washington Trucking Association
(800) 732-9019 or (253) 838-1650

West Virginia Motor Truck Association
(304) 345-2800

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association
(608) 833-8200

Wyoming Trucking Association
(307) 234-1579

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