A word to Congress, Trump administration on ELDs from Vance Vergon

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Anybody else miss a 30-minute break this week?Anybody else miss a 30-minute break this week?

Here’s hoping everyone’s getting a longer break this weekend, or making it happen on the road. Just a quick note here to share a small piece of what’s been happening on the individual level with opposition to the electronic-logging-device mandate. In this case, it’s part of Vance Vergon’s message for Congressional reps and the DOT under Trump, centered around the close-to-closing ELD mandate. If nothing changes, as you well know, most owner-operators will be required to utilize an electronic logging device under federal law come December 18, the compliance date.

Owner-operator Vergon joined North Carolina small fleet owner David Morin in calling for the ELD mandate’s removal. Here’s the opening text of a letter to DOT Secretary Elaine Chao, the president and several Congressional reps:

I would like to request that there be a repeal of the ELD mandate that goes into enforcement December 18, 2017. There are thousands upon thousands of truck drivers who have well over 20 years of safe driving experience and pride themselves on their safe driving record. By nature the mandate says that we are on the same low safety scale as the entry level drivers with little to no experience at all. This is absolutely unfair and demonstrates a level of prejudicial behavior toward the experienced driver by the agencies pushing this mandate.

From there, Vergon’s letter picked up on more themes explored in Morin’s own, which you can read via this link.

Read more about the ELD mandate, widespread opposition to it and practical matters on ELD implementation via these stories or this link to the all recent reporting:

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