TxDOT looking for input from truckers on amenities, staging areas as parking facilities

Updated Jan 22, 2020
For the beginning of the discussion in the podcast, you can download a brief series of slides TxDOT’s Sherry Pifer put together to go along with her introduction to Texas’ ongoing parking-priorities study.

Truck Specialized Parking Services rep and former owner-operator Scott Grenerth alerted us to a new survey that the Texas Department of Transportation is circulating looking for truckers’ input on a couple of specific topics that were big parts of the discussion of parking issues in the roundtable we helped convene with TxDOT reps, and Grenerth, at the Great American Trucking Show last year. If you missed coverage of that discussion, find much of the audio via the embedded podcast that follows here:

The new survey, Grenerth says, is something of a direct output from those talks, which touched on ways not only to improve existing rest area facilities with amenities public entities can cost-effectively provide but the notion of public-private partnerships particularly on staging areas in metro areas strategically located near shipping and receiving facilities.

“This is based on input from the session we held at GATS along with some additional input from drivers that I helped to organize,” he says, with questions designed to, as TxDOT puts it:

… get input from truck drivers on truck parking amenities (such as showers or Wi-Fi) and truck parking staging (waiting to access a facility).

You can take the survey in under 10 minutes of time via this link. The survey will be open through the end of January.

More on the truck parking issue:

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