GoPro vid of Chris Dinsdale’s Australian 1980 Kenworth cabover/Cat 3408 loaded at 174,000 lbs.

| January 06, 2017

Chris Dinsdale of Australia shared this vid of what he describes as “my 1980 KW cabover hauling two 45-foot trailers loaded with steel at a gross weight of 174,000 lbs.”


Cabover road-train run in Australia with Chris Dinsdale

Multiple views in Dashcam Central of a road-train run with KW cabovers in Australia -- Cameras mounted "on the front, the back, even over the ...

Not the first vid from down under he’s shared here to Overdrive‘s Dashcam Central repository for reader dash- and GoPro-cam vids, the second part of the video, he adds, is shot with the GoPro placed “on the roof between the stacks, so you can hear the 18-liter Cat 3408 V8 at full noise.

“Best to listen with headphones or good speakers.” Crank ‘er up, drivers.

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Chris Dinsdale presents ‘Huge Roadtrains of Northwest Australia’

GoPro view through the windscreen of a Kenworth K100 looking at massive roadtrains in the North West of Australia.

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