Comdata’s new OnRoad card combines fuel, payroll transactions

| April 13, 2018

Comdata has announced its new OnRoad card that combines fuel and payroll transactions into one card.

Comdata has developed a new multi-purpose card that will be replacing its existing card programs that drivers and fleets use for fuel purchasing and fund transfers.

The company made the announcement at its annual Comdata Exchange user conference in Phoenix, April 8-10.

Greg Secord, president of Comdata North American Trucking, says many drivers prefer to receive pay funds through card programs instead of checks or direct bank deposits. For example, card programs help many fleets distribute pay to the approximately 15 percent of drivers in the workforce who are unbanked, according to a study by ADP, a payroll solutions provider. Drivers with bank accounts may still want to receive funds on a card so they can make cash withdrawals at truck-stop ATMs and other locations on the road.

With the release of OnRoad, Comdata has combined its fuel and fund transactions into a single card program.

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The fuel transactions continue to work the same. OnRoad automatically recognizes fuel transactions and charges the amounts to fleets. When drivers use the OnRoad card for a non-fuel purchase, it automatically debits the driver’s personal fund balance.

In developing OnRoad, Comdata widened its network of ATMs and eliminated third-party surcharges for cash withdrawals. The OnRoad card is accepted everywhere in MasterCard’s Signature-Debit network with no transaction fees.

Over the next few months, Comdata will also be integrating OnRoad with the Comchek Mobile platform it launched one year ago. Comchek Mobile is a payment platform for the trucking industry similar to PayPal and Venmo that fleets and brokers are using to transfer funds to drivers, and drivers are using to pay lumpers and other vendors.

Comdata plans to link Comchek Mobile to drivers’ OnRoad debit cards so they can transfer funds to their card balance or to their external bank accounts.

More on Comdata’s new OnRoad card can be seen here on Overdrive sister site CCJ.

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