Brent Wilson’s 1999 Freightliner Classic and 2012 Mac dump

Updated Nov 10, 2017

Wilson 2017 10 20 12 49

Newton, Ill.-based Brent Wilson, owner of Wilson Trucking, drives this 1999 Freightliner Classic and 2012 Mac dump. Wilson has owned the tractor since 2005. It’s powered by a 12.7-liter Detroit that puts out 600 horsepower with a 10-speed and 3:90 rears. The rig was originally red, but the turbo exploded in 2012, causing an oil fire. Wilson decided to paint it metallic gray to match his 1987 Chevrolet pickup truck. He has added chrome Minimizer fenders, a 20-inch box end bumper, 6-inch stacks, rear light bar and panel, diamond plated deck plate, drop visor, LED lighting and more. The truck is used to haul agriculture products, including grain, feed, fertilizer, lime and rock, through the Midwest.

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