Preston Overstreet’s 1974 Peterbilt 359

Overstreet 2019 03 15 09 09

This 1974 Peterbilt 359 is owned by Preston Overstreet. The rig was a frame-up restoration that he completed in 1989. Overstreet hauled 3500 Series engines for Caterpillar because they were too heavy to haul in box trailers and has been retired from Cat for about 10 years. Since then, he has mostly hauled farm tractors, combines and other farm equipment. Overstreet was a Cat mechanic for a number of years, so he put some work into the Cat 3408 under the hood to bring every rod and piston to the lightest possible weight and gave them extra clearance to try to hit 800 horsepower. He came up a few horsepower shy of 800, however. The 3408 is backed by a 13-speed with a double countershaft auxiliary 4-speed with overdrive with 3:70 rears.

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