Custom 2024 Peterbilt 389 boasts exquisite laced fenders, lift bumper

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Clanton, Alabama-based owner-operator Jason "Otis" Harris has always been a fan of Peterbilts and the color yellow. With his 2024 389, he got the best of both worlds. 

Harris showed his Pete at the 2024 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, in March. The Oakley Trucking-leased owner-operator pulls a 2024 Mac end dump hauling anything from scrap and mill scale to waste, hazmat and more. 

Jason Harris' 2024 Peterbilt 389In preparation for participating in the PKY Truck Beauty Championship, Harris employed the help of Deatsville, Alabama-based SprayTech to do the polish job on the rig.Video and photos by Lawson Rudisill

When Harris purchased the truck. he added Talladega Fiberglass rear fenders, Trux Dual Revolution lights that change to blue, a 14.5-inch drop visor color-matched to the rig, and a 20-inch lift bumper -- "a chore in itself," Harris said. 

Lift bumper on Jason Harris' 2024 Peterbilt 389Unlike many lift bumpers, Harris' lifts vertically instead of horizontally. "I didn't want to make [the truck] any longer" with a flip-out bumper, he said. "Doing end dump, you get in some pretty tight spots."

Inside the rig, Harris has added a few custom touches with chrome accents on the dash, with more plans to redo the entire interior down the line. "We’ll slowly get there," he said. The truck boasts a 565-hp Cummins with an 18-speed under the hood, which Harris said he may add some chrome to in the future. 

A unique feature on the truck is the wrap on the rear fenders, completed by P1 Graphics. A friend of Harris's works on old cars, and a design he put on a car gave Harris the idea.

Rear fenders of Jason Harris' 2024 Peterbilt 389The lace design is something Harris said he "liked the way it looked, so I wanted to do it on the fenders" after seeing it on a car his friend had done. "Just kind of break up the solid paint just a little bit," he said.

He picked out the lace design, then P1 Graphics printed it and wrapped it, "and this is what we ended up with," Harris said.

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Jason Harris: I've had a lot of yellow vehicles, so you know yellow's always been my thing, one of my favorites.

All right. My name's Jason Harris. I'm leased onto Oakley Trucking out of North Little Rock, Arkansas. I've got a 2024 Peterbilt 389 here in the background. I got it back last September and leased it on with them, and we're pulling a 2024 Mac end dump.

When we got it, we brought it straight home. We did the Talladega Fiberglass fenders, put Trux Dual Revolution lights on it. They flip back to blue. I've got them on the back. I'd had to swap them where they turn blue yet, so I've got red on the back right now, so I got to get them hooked up. I've still got a little odds and end stuff to do, but it'll get there with time. It just takes time. Put a 20-inch lift bumper on it. That was kind of a chore in itself. Once we figured that out, it wasn't too bad, but it's just a little bit of work understanding how to do it.

14 and a half inch drop visor, color-matched it to the truck, did a little bit to the inside. Still not a whole lot of chrome and stuff available for some of the inside, so we're waiting on them to make that so we can do the inside. Only thing, we did change the seat out. We put some chrome on the dash, the normal stuff, the steering column, stuff like that. They don't make a cover for it yet, so still got to do a solid floor in it. We haven't done that yet, so eventually we want to redo the interior, have it custom done, but we just haven't gotten to that point yet.

P1 Graphics wrapped my rear fenders, and they did that over the past weekend. I got a buddy back home that does a lot of old cars and he did the lace on top of a old car that he did, and I just liked the way it looked, so I wanted to do it on the fenders, just kind of break up the solid paint just a little bit. So we ended up going with the lace, picked out the design, they printed it and wrapped it, and that's what we ended up with.

No, we hadn't did anything custom under the hood. It's got a 565 Cummins in it with an 18-speed. So this is a 2024 Mac end dump. We haul a lot of different stuff. We haul scrap, we haul mill scale, we haul waste, hazmat, salt, just whatever they want us to haul, we haul it. Oakley's pretty good about keeping us busy, and I ain't got no complaints so far with them.

I've always liked Peterbilts, I've always liked the hood trucks. So when I seen it, I figured that was the one I needed. So that's what I ended up with. I don't know, it pays the bills.