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Disney predicts the future of highways — circa the late 1950s

| December 14, 2009

So how many predictions for the future of the nation’s highway system did the Disneyland TV Show get right when it aired the following fanciful segment in 1958? Well, I can tell you what it got wrong: multicolored highways, for one, do not “enable the motorist to reach his destination by following the correct color strip,” as guessed at in the lead, and to my knowledge I don’t think prefabricated bridges of the scale envisioned here are a reality. But hey, “electric eyes” automatically illuminating some roadways at night we have!

What else? The future of freight, this program guessed, is just-in-time and intermodal between rail and truck. Spot-on? Maybe. There’s plenty to argue about in terms of its ultimate veracity, but all the same, I thought you’d get a kick out of it, via YouTube. Enjoy:

[youtube F6pUMlPBMQA nolink]

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