Drivewyze services added to Konexial My20 ELD

Drivewyze and Konexial have partnered to bring the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass system, along with Drivewyze Safety+, to Konexial’s My20 ELD. 

Since no transponders are required, activation of Drivewyze PreClear on the Konexial platform can be done in minutes, the companies said. Drivewyze transmits safety scores, registration and tax compliance information to the weigh station, which then calculates the information against the bypass criteria established by its state or province. If the carrier and vehicle pass the criteria, at one mile out, the driver receives permission to bypass the site.

Through Drivewyze PreClear, Konexial customers have the ability to receive bypass opportunities at 840 locations in 45 states and provinces.

“Konexial continues to expand and provide its customer base with the tools they need to improve productivity,” said Frances Kilgour, Drivewyze vice president of business development & channel management. “We’re excited to partner with them -- our weigh station bypass service will save My20 customers valuable time by bypassing weigh stations up to 95% depending upon their safety scores."

With Drivewyze Safety+, Konexial customers can get access to real-time weather alerts, in-cab safety alerts for upcoming dangerous curves, low bridges, and high speeding citation areas. Kilgour added that it also offers hot zone alerts for areas with a high incident rate for cargo theft.

According to Ken Evans, chief technology officer for Konexial, providing Drivewyze PreClear and Drivewyze Safety+ to its platform is expected to be a welcomed addition for its customer base.

“Our mission is to provide the services and apps that fleets are needing -- from our LogiCam dashcam technology that detects distracted driving, to our GoFuel fuel card that can save our customers up to 45 cents per gallon, to our Live Supply Chain edge computing telematics," he said.