Photos: International’s newly unveiled LT series tractor

Updated Oct 11, 2016

International Truck on Friday debuted its latest premier over-the-road Class 8 tractor, replacing the company’s ProStar as its flagship model.

The LT series was designed with driver comfort in mind, says International. The truck is already available for order. For more details on the new LT series, see prior Overdrive reporting at this link. 

More photos of the LT series can be seen below. img_3851-2016-10-01-06-54 img_3834-2016-10-01-06-52 img_3835-2016-10-01-06-52 img_3837-2016-10-01-06-53 img_3838-2016-10-01-06-53 img_3843-2016-10-01-06-53 img_3845-2016-10-01-06-53 img_3847-2016-10-01-06-51-768x576


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